About Air Measurement LLC

Air Measurement LLCAir Measurement LLC provides top quality professional environmental services to our valued clients:

  • Safely,
  • To their full satisfaction,
  • and within budget,

in that order of importance.

Air Measurement traces its origins back to 1988 with the founding of Air Pollution Characterization and Control (APCC) Ltd. in Connecticut by industry veteran John Powell. He was joined in 2003 by Brett Smith, who became a partner in the company in 2005. Air Measurement was formed in the State of Maine in 2019 to acquire and continue the operations of APCC under Brett’s full ownership.

Since 1988, we have assisted hundreds of companies in the Cement, Pulp and Paper, Waste-to-Energy, Printing and Coating, Power Generation, Chemical/Pharmaceutical and many other industries. Rather your goal is environmental compliance, ensuring workplace safety, or investigative testing to identify cost savings, Air Measurement has the relevant experience to be a valued partner.

Led by a Principal Engineer with over 19 years of experience in emissions and air testing, Air Measurement is able to take on the most challenging projects with confidence. Our experience working with a wide variety of industrial processes allows us to analyze data to discover hidden information that can turn environmental costs into bottom line savings.

Air Measurement maintains a wide range of traditional and state-of-the-art measurement equipment. Our Mobile Environmental Monitoring Laboratories allow us to employ analytical instruments, FTIR spectrometers, and even wet lab capability. What we cannot do on site is analyzed off-site by our trusted laboratory partners.

Air Measurement’s planning for success begins during proposal preparation. Each of our proposals clearly identifies the scope of work, time on site, support requirements, and the senior staff member who will be the client’s primary point of contact throughout the project.

The project engineer/scientist assigned to each project is a degreed professional responsible to ensure that all aspects of our Quality Assurance Program are applied to the project. Owner oversight of each project, from proposal to final report, ensures that Air Measurement’s strict internal standards for quality are upheld.

Air Measurement is proud of its safety record, with a zero-accident goal annually. Providing, top quality air testing is important to us, but it’s not worth dying for!

Air Measurement is a partner you can rely on to help ensure your facility’s compliance with air emissions and safety regulations. Our experience helps ensure that even the most complex test programs are done safely, smoothly, and cost-effectively.